Kathryn ready for long holidays after marathon stint on The Voice

RTE's Kathryn Thomas will be donning her backpack again once The Voice Of Ireland ends -- but only for a holiday.

The former No Frontiers presenter has just 10 days left before the talent contest reaches its conclusion in the grand finale on April 29.

And she has revealed how she's fleeing these shores for a well-earned break once the competition is over.

Given that she started work on the singing competition almost immediately after Operation Transformation came to an end, the ex-jetsetter is probably overdue a break.

"It's all going good and I will miss the show but I'm going to take six weeks off to just disappear off the face of the earth. I've got my mum's birthday coming up, that's a big one but I better not say her age or she'll kill me, so we're all going to France for that," she told the Diary.

"I've also got a girly weekend in Marbella, it's my friend's hen and then I'm probably going to take off to the States for a nice trip just to regroup."

She has been spending her weekends up at the Helix in DCU as she fronts the competition alongside Eoghan McDermott, with the international format proving popular with Irish audiences.

But she reckons the BBC version of the show is packing a considerable punch too.

"I love it. When I first saw it, I was sitting there going 'Whatever, it's not blowing us out of the water'.

"I thought there was a possibility it might make us look like the poor cousin but I think ours stands up well to it, especially when you consider the difference in production fees," she continued.

"Then I watched more and more of it and the coaches are brilliant.

"But I do think our talent can hold up well to theirs.

"And you have to remember, their budget is about €22m while ours is about €1.2m so you're talking about 20 times our budget to make the same show."