Jo Wood is rushed to hospital after suffering allergic reaction to a bee sting

Richard Eden

Jo Wood, the former Strictly Come Dancing contestant, visited hospital on the weekend when she was due to move out of the London home she shared with Ronnie Wood.

As if moving out of the house that she shared for 12 years with her former husband, the Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood, was not stressful enough, Jo Wood has been rushed to hospital.

"Jo had an allergic reaction to a hornet sting," says a spokesman for the former Strictly Come Dancing contestant. "I've just spoken to her and she was, like, 'Oh, my God, what am I going to do?' It all swelled up so badly that she said couldn't even see her own knuckles."

The spokesman adds: "She doesn't know why it happened, but is very tired and stressed. She's in such a spin that all of her children have just rushed round to help her move house."

Duke of York's friend Goga Ashkenazi is gifted in battle

While the Duke of York's lady friends are, generally, a friendly bunch, there is a growing rivalry between some of their businesses.

Four months ago, Mandrake reported that Goga Ashkenazi, who arranged the sale of Prince Andrew's house for £3 million more than its asking price, had launched an internet gifts company with his friend Caroline Stanbury. Now, I hear that the pair face stiff competition from another of his chums.

Sally Ann Whetherly, who has been a friend of the Duke for many years, has recruited Princess Victoria von Preussen to inject a new lease of life into her own online present-buying firm.

"Their business is a big, sophisticated thing, whereas we are just launching away quietly," insists Whetherly, modestly.

The Princess, who is the daughter of the late Tory grandee Lord Mancroft, adds: "We just keep ours smaller and slightly more personal and we try hard to keep the prices low." Let battle commence.