Janet's audition... singing at her teacher's wedding

JANET Devlin's success on X Factor will come as no surprise to those who know her following a beautiful solo performance at the wedding of her music teacher.

The schoolgirl sang Adele's Make You Feel My Love as her teacher Rois Kelly-Lynch and her husband Raymond tied the knot at their local church in Castlederg in the summer.

The congregation were stunned into silence by Janet's version of Adele's moving ballad and predicted bright things for the 16-year-old.

Rois runs Tyrone's Muchado Stage School -- and Janet is one of four singers in a highly talented group.

Another star singer is Chloe Coyle (14), a close friend of Janet who won the All-Ireland Talent Show in 2010.

The teenagers -- who have known each other for more than two years -- have enjoyed performing side by side in a number of productionss.

"It was funny because when I heard Janet was joining us, I was kind of scared of her because I heard she was really talented," Chloe told the Herald.

"Then when we met I found out she was just as scared of me, it was silly how nervous were. But as soon as we met we clicked immediately."

Both girls were asked to sing solo parts at the wedding.

"Chloe sang a beautiful hymn as Rois walked up the aisle and then Janet sang as the newlyweds were signing the register, it was amazing," Chloe's mum Carmen told the Herald. Thanks to her angelic voice and shy nature, Janet has been tipped as the favourite to go all the way on this year's X Factor and is being mentored by former Destiny's Child singer Kelly Rowland.

While Janet is embracing her newfound celebrity status, the pressure has stepped up for Chloe to follow suit in Britain. Although she is still under the 16 age limit, friends close to cheerful schoolgirl have urged her to follow in Janet's footsteps and audition for the series next year.

"Everyone's telling her to go for it and she's definitely thought about it, but I think she wants to wait to hear back from Janet on what the experience was like and how difficult it is first," Carmen said. "She probably needs to toughen up a bit, she's very timid and you have to have a strong personality for a show like that."

"I'll have to phone her and hear the news, then I'll decide," said Chloe.