Jail drugs boy in knife alert

A TEENAGE boy awaiting sentence for trafficking drugs into Mountjoy Prison has been remanded in custody after a judge heard he was suspected of holding a knife to a taxi driver's throat last weekend.

The 17-year-old has pleaded guilty at the Dublin Children's Court to conveying drugs into the prison on March 30.

Earlier Garda Peter Redmond had said the boy was seen on the roof of a house on Glengarriff Parade, in Phibsborough, "throwing items into Mountjoy". He was caught with €150 worth of cannabis.

The boy had also admitted possessing a knife with a blade on July 4 last and possessing €450 worth of heroin on July 2 last.

Big names to greet tourists

Politicians, musicians and artists are among those who have agreed to meet tourists for a pint in a bid to boost visitor numbers.

The 'ambassadors' are now preparing to give a personal and free guide to Dublin.

With over 900 people already signed up, organisers were well on target for 1,000 by the time the City Of A Thousand Welcomes scheme starts on Bloomsday, June 16.

Well-known names include singer Gavin Friday, artist Graham Knuttel, and Desmond Guinness, of the brewery family and founder of the Irish Georgian Society.

No job is better than a bad one

A badly paid or temporary job can be as bad for mental health as no job at all.

Little job security, demanding work and very little control over a role can all impact on people's wellbeing just as much as unemployment, it found.

In fact, people who are unemployed can feel better-off mentally than those who are in poor jobs, the Australian research added.

Volcano sparks

forest blaze

Lava from a volcanic eruption in Hawaii has sparked a wildfire in Volcanoes National Park.

Park firefighters said the blaze has burned at least 75 acres since Sunday. They say the lava is from the Kamoamoa eruption.

The fire is creeping through Ohia forest in an area which has been burned at least twice by lava flows.