'I've been shooting hoops with Mark Wahlberg, but I'm glad to be home'

Jack Reynor with girlfriend Madeline Mulqueen. Photo: Brian McEvoy

Kirsty Blake Knox

FOR the last six months, Jack Reynor has been living the high life – filming the new Transformers flick, jet-setting around the world with his model girlfriend Madeline Mulqueen and 'shooting hoops' in Mark Wahlberg's back garden.

But Jack says there's nothing like returning to his hometown of Blessington and downing buckets of Bovril.

"I'm delighted to be home. I love LA and we made great friends," the 22-year-old star said. "But I missed Bovril and pints of Guinness.

"When I come home to Ireland all my friends are the same.

"It keeps you grounded and you need that when you're in Hollywood where it's crazy."

With a lead role in a mutli-million dollar franchise film, global fame is just around the corner for Jack. But he's determined to keep his feet on the ground.


"I think for me it's very important that I remain the person I am," he said.

And to do that, Jack is going to follow in the footsteps of Daniel Day Lewis and have a small country base in the Wicklow hills.

"I'm just going to have a nice little house down the country in Ireland and spend all my time off there doing nothing. Ireland is home," he said.

The What Richard Did star returned to Ireland last week after wrapping on Michael Bay's action-packed film.

"Transformers was definitely different to what I've done before," he said. "It's crazy having helicopters flying over your head and cars exploding."

But the award-winning actor threw himself completely into the project.

"I did all my stunts – I hurt my ribs along the way once or twice. But nothing too much," he said.

Jack stars in the movie alongside Mark Wahlberg and says they grew close during filming.

"Mark invited me over to play basketball with him a few times," he revealed.

"I shot hoops with him once or twice – he's mad into his sports."

Jack has been dubbed the new Colin Farrell and is on his way to becoming an international sex symbol.

He and Madeline both attended 2FM's Live Toy Appeal from the window of Brown Thomas.

Jack arrived with an Optimus Prime action figure in hand.