It's vital holistics with Dr Hauschka

Brenda McCormick

Early in the last century, Dr Rudolf Hauschka asked philosopher Dr Rudolf Steiner, "What is the meaning of life?"

"Study rhythm," Steiner replied, "rhythm is the carrier of life."

In the following years, Hauschka developed plant-based remedies based on Steiner's teachings. He found, by using the rhythms and polarities of nature, he was able to create plant extracts that retained the vital forces of the living plant and remained stable without alcohol or artificial preservatives. Dr Hauschka and his colleagues then founded a holistic pharmaceutical company called Wala Heilmittel.

At the same time, pioneering esthetician Elizabeth Sigmund in Sweden had recognised that skin health and outward appearance are results of a person's internal health and emotional wellbeing. She developed skincare preparations and obtained some of the healing ingredients from Wala. Dr Hauschka asked her to join him at Wala in Germany in 1967, and together they launched the line of therapeutic skin care products which became known as Dr Hauschka Skin Care.

The products are designed to bring harmony, balance and rhythm to the skin. Rather than masking or covering up skin conditions, they treat the skin as an integral part of the human being.

Dr Hauschka Skin Care products are free from synthetic fragrances, colours and preservatives. They contain fine vegetable oils and plant essences grown biodynamically or organically or harvested in the wild.

If you buy one product: It has to be Rose Day Cream (€23.85). With shea butter and avocado, it's perfect for skin in the colder months.