It's the who's who of fashionistas and Mandy's 'gobsmacked' she's off the VIP Style invite list

Caitlin McBride

IT'S the socialite's equivalent of gold dust. An invitation to the Peter Mark/ VIP Style Awards is widely seen as confirmation of your standing on the social ladder.

"Getting an invite shows you're still cool. If you don't then unfortunately, you're yesterday's news. Essentially it's the fashion event of the year," said one fashionista.

Imagine, then, one-time IT girl Amanda Brunker's dismay this week when she realised she hadn't made the grade this time round.

Well, shall we say, hell hath no fury like a self-styled fashion queen scorned.

"I'm actually gobsmacked," revealed Mandy, after finding out she won't be on the red carpet later this month.


Ms Brunker, who is currently leading an advertising drive on television for sofas, has been left incensed by the snub.

Now Amanda (39) is putting the snub down to the fact that she has posed on the front cover of a rival magazine -- she currently adorns the front page of RSVP mag, naked.

The controversial mum-of-two has been feverishly promoting her RSVP cover, where she posed in the altogether in a bid to show off how successful her new diet is.

And Amanda, who took home the Miss Ireland title in 1991, said that she is shocked she will not be receiving her golden ticket this year.

"Interesting. MOD [Michael O'Doherty, publisher of VIP magazine] has just told me I'm not invited to this year's Style Awards because I'm currently on the cover of RSVP Mag and he's serious," she said. "I'm actually gobsmacked."

Today Mr O'Doherty, who also pens his wicked social commentary column in the Herald on Mondays and Thursdays, declined to comment on the controversy.

"Let's just say the magical formula that goes into Peter Mark/VIP Style awards shall remain a secret," said a VIP insider.

With the 200-person guestlist being kept under tight wraps, All Ireland Talent Show judge Amanda may not be too happy to hear her place is being taken by the likes of fashionistas Claudine Keane and Jessica Lawlor.

Could the decision have something to do with the fact the former beauty queen previously posed with just a pair of PVC thigh-high boots and strategically placed black tape in a shoot for a glossy magazine?And she also pulled a Demi Moore by posing naked when she was heavily pregnant on the cover of another magazine in 2006.

Amanda's love for the annual style bash has been well documented -- she took part in a TV3 special Style Me Famous, when cameras documented her every move in preparation for the annual event in 2009.

Despite her enviable figure, she has very often failed to 'get it right' in the style stakes, and organisers have apparently taken note.

This year's event, taking place on March 25 at the plush Shelbourne Hotel, will see a host of young talent battling it out to be named Most Stylish Newcomer, including models Vogue Williams, Nadia Forde and Daniella Moyles.