It's my last week as Miss Ireland...and I'll be jumping out of a plane!

MY final week as Miss Ireland has been much like my first one with the crown -- super busy.

I'm handing over the title next week in what will be a bitter-sweet moment for me as I've had the most amazing year.

It's been insane the amount of stuff that has happened to me since winning Miss Ireland but I'm also looking forward to entering the next stage in my life.

Last weekend I was on Ireland AM and then I had a meeting about doing the Catwalk To Himalayas trek with all the girls.

I've signed on to do it with Roz Purcell, Lynn Kelly, Emily McKeogh and Daniella Moyles.

They all did it last year so I've been hearing all these horror stories about how their hands got so cold, they could barely do the buttons up on their clothes.


It hasn't put me off in the least -- I'm looking forward to the challenge as I love doing stuff that's out of my comfort zone.

We haven't decided on which charity we're doing it for yet so we'll decide closer to the time. My uncle Diarmuid Gavin was on The Late Late Show on Friday and I managed to catch a little bit of the interview, he did really well.

That night, I headed into Krystle for a girls' night out and I met up with people like Georgia Salpa who was home for the weekend -- so that was great craic and good fun catching up with everyone.

On Saturday, I met up with my boyfriend Cian (Healy) and we just chilled out together ahead of the Miss University Ireland contest, the heat which I won last year.

It was a much bigger event this year. The overall winner, Aisling Croughan, was gorgeous and I was thrilled to hand over the title to a worthy winner.

On Sunday it was so nice to have a relaxing day with my family.

We had a celebration for my brother Ben, who turned 18 this week, so we had a huge family lunch.

After going out for two nights in a row, it was lovely just to chill out.

My uncle Diarmuid was going a charity run and he walked in the door all casual with none other than Sonia O'Sullivan. Everyone else was like 'Oh my God, this sporting legend is in our house'.

She's actually so nice, I shared a room with her for the Sports Relief so I knew her from that.

On Monday, I was on Xpose filming a segment on vintage wedding dresses which were gorgeous and from the 1940s up to the 1980s.

I know I'm only 20 but it's unbelievable the amount of times I've worn bridal dresses. I feel like I'll be a pro by the time I eventually get around to getting down the aisle myself. I'm not someone with a life plan or anything, but I think I'd like to get married before I'm 30. I wouldn't be mad about having a huge wedding.

After that, I went to the gym for some training -- I've been trying to go most days -- and then on Tuesday I had a day off. I usually do a bit of grooming if I'm free so I did my hair and put on a face mask. I also got a facial at Renew Clinic on Hatch Street which was really relaxing.

Wednesday, it was my brother Ben's actual birthday so a load of us went out to dinner at Casa Pasta in Howth and Cian came along. He gets on really well with my family as we were friends casually before we started going out.


My mum was so funny when I told her we were dating, she was like 'I knew it!'. We first met at the protest against the Flood Defence proposal in Clontarf last November and then started going out in December and it's going great between us.

Yesterday, I had a press call for Easilocks hair extensions and then tomorrow I have the biggest challenge of all -- I'm doing a sky dive in Offaly from 10,000 feet.

I've always wanted to have the courage to do it and I won't lie and say I'm not nervous because I am. But it's for a brilliant cause, namely the Girls Club in Cork which supports women with cancer, so we're having a coffee morning at my house in Raheny today to raise some money for that.

After the sky dive, I'm going to have to head straight to the Leinster Rugby Awards Ball at the Mansion House, so hopefully the hair will have calmed down by then. I know a few of Cian's team-mates just from going to the matches and stuff, so I'm looking forward to meeting up with Nadia Forde at the ball.

Next week I'll be handing over my Miss Ireland crown to the next winner and I'm looking forward to that.

It will be great to move on and I'm planning to change my image a bit and put some other things in motion.

The best piece of advice I'd give to the contestants is just to enjoy the night and take loads of pictures as you'll want to look back on it when you're 50.

But don't think that you're going to be a millionaire if you win Miss Ireland. A lot of things you'll be doing for free or for charity, so it isn't an instant ticket to success. It is an absolutely brilliant opportunity, though, and the last year has been one of the best for me.

Miss Ireland 2012 takes place at the Ballsbridge Hotel on April 28