It's LA nights for The Coronas

THE CORONAS are jetting off to LA next week to record their new album.

Frontman Danny O'Reilly has told the Diary that he and his band are set to record their first ever US studio album and are looking forward to relaxing in California.

"We can't wait, we're heading off next Tuesday," he said. "We've been over in the US touring but we've never recorded there before. We were given the option of recording here in Dublin or LA, we chose LA straight away."

Even though the guys are set to work 12 hour days, six days a week, Danny says they will definitely make time to enjoy the California sunshine.

"We're working with an amazing producer called Tony Hopper who's worked with the likes of The Kooks, The Thrills and Air. And if things go according to plan in the US, Laura Whitmore's other half says the band may move over there for a while to kick start a career and break the American market.

"Dublin will always be home but I would definitely move over there for a couple of months," the singer said.

But although The Coronas are still living the rock 'n' roll lifestyle, Danny admitted he has noticed the effects of the recession on the music industry.

"It's definitely harder. The record companies are spending a lot less on bands and less people are getting signed. But there will always be rock bands and there will always be rock music," he said.

Another artist hoping to break the market is Danny's younger sister Roisin, Danny says they are co-writing a song together for her debut album.

"She's doing really well, she's got an amazing voice, she's a better singer than I am. She's brilliant," said the proud brother.