It'll be grand, son - Mrs Brown looks to the next generation

TALENT: Little Felix just wants to be one of the boys

Kirsty Blake Knox

IT truly will be a family affair on Mrs Brown's Boys as Brendan O'Carroll's grandson is eyeing up a full-time role on the hit show.

He may only be six, but Felix Delaney has already been bitten by the acting bug.

The talented youngster made his acting debut in Mrs Brown's Boys' two Christmas specials, Mammy Christmas and the Virgin Mammy, which aired on RTE and the BBC.

According to mum Fiona O'Carroll, who plays Maria Brown, Felix is dying to get back on set. "He played an angel in the special," said the 32-year-old actress.

"When he started back at school he said to the teacher, 'I don't think I'll stay at school, I think I'll just go to work on Mrs Brown's'."


Fiona said both her boys Felix and Eli (4) have grown up with the foul-mouthed matriarch, played by her father.

"They see nothing wrong with a man walking around in drag," she laughed.

"Agnes is a great character and she really is a member of our family. We all talk about her a lot when we're together."

Brendan has made sure that the world famous show includes as many of his family members as possible.

His wife Jennifer Gibney plays Mrs Brown's daughter, Cathy, while his son Danny plays dim-witted Buster. And Agnes is very much part of the family. Finglas native Brendan has also told how the character saved him from crippling bank debts and Fiona admitted the character of Agnes has helped them get through the ups and downs over the years.

"As a family, we have been through a lot," said Fiona. "There have been tough times, but the great thing about dad is that he never gives up. He just keeps ploughing on; he's got such a great attitude."

And Fiona feels lucky to be working with her dad. "I'm working with my family and that's a real luxury as an actress. If you're touring, things can be very lonely on the road but I'm surrounded by people I love."

Most of the Mrs Brown's Boys cast are taking a well deserved break before they start shooting Mrs Brown: De Filum this summer.

In the meantime, Fiona is busy working on other projects. The petite actress is narrating RTE's new dating show A Date With Fate.

The show uses relationship analysts to predict a couple's future together. "It can be difficult looking for love," Fiona said. "And really scary. It's tough out there and people are so busy and working so hard. I'm married now and I don't think love nor money could make me go back to the dating scene."

This weekend, Fiona and her family will walk the red carpet at the 10th annual IFTAs. Mrs Brown's Boys has been nominated for the Best Entertainment Award.

A Date With Fate, RTE2, is on Monday at 9.30pm.