It was great to chat with Conor...I think

SIt seems that Conor McGregor is winning the hearts of Hollywood. Well one heart, at least. Arnold Schwarzenegger is reportedly a fan of the fighter and I can understand why. McGregor has the persona of an action hero and the personality of a charmer. I sat with him at a function last year and I found him charismatic and classy. Even though he spoke at, rather than with me, for most of our chat, it was entertaining, so I forgive him!

OOscar madness is beginning already. The nominated movies and actors will be all over the press, in some form, between now and February 22. Take the recent Twitter rant by the wrestler who inspired the film Foxcatcher. He took to social media and slated the director. Then he took to social media to say that the film is a good one, and that he was temporarily insane. No doubt we will all be temporarily insane by the time the awards ceremonies are over.

gFINALLY, to all you bakers out there: get applying for The Great Irish Bake Off. Go to part and download the application form. The closing date is midnight on Sunday, February 8. Timing's everything in baking - so don't dilly dally, just get to it!