Islamist hackers upload graphic imagery to the websites of three Dublin gyms

David Kearns

The websites of three Dublin gyms have been defaced with graphic images by a group claiming to be Islamist hackers.

Leisure centres in Clondalkin, Lucan, and Tallaght have had their homepages targeted by a Tunisian hacking group called “FALLAGA TEAM”, who uploaded an anti-American video containing graphic images and a running commentary about the United States’  alleged crimes against humanity.

The hackers wrote: “Your Website Has Been Defaced Cuz Just We Want To Show The Reality To da World.”

The website homepages of Clondalkin, Lucan and Tallaght leisure centres this morning all feature a message from hackers which says the sites were “defaced cuz [sic] just we want to show the reality to da [sic] world”.

Under the tagline “this is real terrorism”, the group posted gruesome photos of Muslim people, mainly children, who have been wounded or killed in conflict.The message goes on to warn that the West needs to stop killing Muslims because “We are Muslims, we love peace but if you provoke US BE READY to our reaction”.

A spokesperson from company that runs each leisure centre said they were aware of the messages and were working with their IT department to taken down the content from its sites.