Is poster's 'naive wife' work of politician?

Adelina Campos

A MYSTERIOUS sign near Dublin Airport, which claims to be from "a naive wife", has been linked to a series of presidential election boards.

The huge poster reads: 'Golf is a passport for a dirty weekend away with the lads. Wake up girls . . . A naive wife'.

It was first spotted on the side of a lorry trailer, parked in a private field near the N2 slip road towards the M50, on Monday.

Speculation concerning the identity of the author of the poster has been rife on social networks and it has now emerged that boards which appeared before the presidential election were signed with the same initials, 'TUD'.

Last month, motorists on the new M2 heading towards Dublin were greeted with posters reading: 'Toll Here: Tax to fund the presidential election', 'Toll Here: Cars - €2.00, Trucks - €10, Builders + Bankers -- Scot Free'.

Today FM's Ray D'Arcy Show received old 2p coins with the same initials last week. The coins had messages against the single European currency written on them, including: 'Heads I win, Euro you lose' and 'Told you it wouldn't work'.