Is poor Miley about to 'do a Britney'?

I I can't help but wonder if Miley Cyrus has anyone who is looking out for her. The latest photos of her new tattoo are so exposing, she seems one big bundle of vulnerability. I can see a Britney-like 'shaving of head' moment coming down the tracks.

jI am always amazed when family members stick by someone who has committed horrendous crimes. To see Rolf Harris's wife and daughter stand by this monster during his trial was very confusing. Why protect someone like that? Why spend another second with them?

WWhat are going to do when the World Cup ends? Is there some sort of cold turkey technique to ease the pain once the final has been played? At least when we were kids, we could head outside with a football and pretend to be a star. I don't think my neighbours would appreciate it if I rocked up outside my apartment in a football jersey and football boots, and started practising my keepy-uppies. I'd have to find another way of dealing with the withdrawal symptoms.