In reality, will new show ever get made?

Iif reports are to be believed, RTE is dipping its toe back into the reality TV format in conjunction with Straywave Media, the company that counts Fade Street and Celebrity Salon amongst its oeuvre. 
 The new show will follow the fortunes of eight people, including model Nicola Hughes, as they forge a new life in Vancouver.
 My scepticism about the announcement is coloured by the fact that this exact same show was first announced a year ago, and due to be filmed last September. And given the cost-cutting measures in force in RTE these days, it is hard to see how such an expensive production could be sanctioned.
 Of course, one can see RTE's finest financial minds coming up with a plan to team up with Aer Lingus and get the entire cast and crew free flights to New York. And then, as RTE does, pay for taxis to take them the remaining 2,986 miles to Vancouver...

Hhaving promised to focus on his Newstalk radio show for a full year, Pat Kenny has revealed that he is now ready to resume his TV career, and has not ruled out a return to RTE. And when asked about the drop in the ratings in Prime Time since he left the show, Pat's relative silence spoke a thousand words. "I'd rather not say anything," he replied, "and let people draw their own conclusions." 
 Which, of course, is Pat's way of saying how much he's been missed. 
 With all the accusations of ageism surrounding RTE of late, Pat has provided ample proof that age need not wither you. Because even at 65, Pat's ego is as strong as ever.