In Brief: Woman killed in lorry crash

A YOUNG woman died after an horrific early-morning collision between a car and an articulated lorry on the Cork-Limerick road.

The accident occurred shortly before 8am at Rathduff, some 10km outside Cork city.

The collision involved a car with one occupant and an articulated lorry.

A 23-year old woman suffered critical injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene. The lorry driver was treated at the scene for shock, but escaped serious injury.

Child abuse bill published

ORGANISATIONS and named professionals will have statutory responsibility to report information about abuse or neglect of children, under new laws published today by Children's Minister Frances Fitzgerald.

The minister said: "I understand the complexity of these issues and that is why detailed guidance will be prepared to help organisations and professionals understand what level of knowledge or information would lead to a requirement to report under the legislation."

Actress flees murder trial

Singer and actress Jennifer Hudson shut her eyes as a police officer described finding her dead family members and later left the courtroom before photos of their bodies were shown.

The 30-year-old Oscar winner watched most of the evidence in the Chicago triple murder trial leaving shortly before prosecutors displayed pictures of the bodies of her mother, brother and seven year-old nephew.

Prosecutors have started crime scene evidence against Hudson's former brother-in-law, William Balfour.