IN BRIEF: Teen guilty of car rampage

A YOUTH has been convicted of taking part in a dangerous driving rampage in north Dublin where several motorists and pedestrians were put in danger.

The boy (17) pleaded not guilty at the Dublin Children's Court to three counts of a dangerous driving in connection with the high- speed pursuit on March 2, but was found guilty.

The teen is in custody and is already serving a sentence for an attempted robbery.

Judge Ann Ryan adjourned sentencing the boy until September 25.

Apple hacking denied by FBI

The FBI is disputing a computer hacker group's claim that it stole personal identification data on more than one million Apple device owners from an FBI agent's laptop.

The FBI says it never asked for and never possessed the database that the group, which calls itself AntiSec, is posting on a website.

AntiSec is a hacker group affiliated with Anonymous, a collection of activists who have targeted governments or corporations.

Cocaine queen gunned down

Griselda Blanco, a convicted drug trafficker known as the 'Godmother' and the 'Queen of Cocaine', has been shot dead by an unidentified gunman.

The 69-year-old was killed at a butcher shop in Medellin, Colombia.

A man approached Blanco at the shop and fired before escaping on a motorcycle driven by another man. She died on her way to hospital.

Blanco was among the first Colombian women to traffic cocaine to the United States.

TV downloads for your phone

The BBC has launched a new download feature which means people can store programmes from the iPlayer on their phone or tablet and watch them later without an internet connection.

The shows can be downloaded for free and kept for up to 30 days.

The new feature is available on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices and will be introduced to Android devices later this year.