In brief: Davis for Aras, says star Quinn

FORMER Ireland international footballer Niall Quinn has thrown his support behind Mary Davis for the race to the Aras.

The ex-Sunderland chairman has praised Ms Davis for her "tireless and extraordinary work" when they were on the Irish Sports Council together.

"I think she [Davis] is ideally placed to get everyone to pull together in this country and show the outside world that Ireland is open for business and that we are going to move forward as one. I am delighted to tell people that I think Mary Davis is the best person for the job,'' said the former Ireland striker.

Ms Davis said she is "thrilled" to have Quinn's support.

McAleese won't discuss pension

PRESIDENT Mary McAleese has refused to disclose whether her pension will be reducted in line with a voluntary pay cut she took on her €325,000 salary.

Mrs McAleese would not say whether her pension would be based on the reduced pay, or the amount she was earning before she opted to take a pay cut.

The President will receive an extra €37,754 annually if her pension is based on her full salary rather than the reduced rate.

Her pension is based on 50pc of her officially salary of €325,508, which would come to €162,754 annually.