Anna Coogan

Who needs to worry about getting older these days when you look at Miriam O'Callaghan's radiant beauty at 50. The TV presenter and mum-of-eight is glowing with happiness, and shows no signs of losing her youthfulness.

We've no idea how they do it, and are in awe of the many famous faces who are ageing beautifully, and look better than they did when they were younger.

Morah Ryan, a sculptor, the late Gerry Ryan's widow and a mum-of-five, is, at age 51, a terrific example of gorgeous girliness. Her toned body and ageless prettiness would put many a younger woman to shame. Like Miriam, she also seems to be getting more beautiful with age.

Age, once associated with wisdom, is now a byword for glossy grooming and serene sexiness.

There isn't a woman over 35 who isn't dying to know the age-defying secrets of TV's Mary Kennedy (54) and model agency boss Celia Holman Lee (60).

Their skin and hair is lustrous, and they are also more stylish and sexy than a decade ago.

Of course, there have never been more cosmetic treatments available to women who work in the public eye and have to maintain their image. But we like to think women really are like a fine wine, and get better with age. Further examples of the new trend for ageing gloriously, never mind gracefully, are RTE anchor Anne Doyle (59) and President Mary McAleese (60).

In fact, Helen Mirren (66), the actress and international icon of ageless sexiness, may as well move over, because Irish women are giving her a run for her money when it comes to foxy at 50, or sensational at 60.