I'm under no pressure to lose baby weight - Alison

Aoife Anderson

NEW mum Alison Canavan has pinged back into shape since giving birth in September.

Just seven weeks after giving birth to her first child, James Joseph, on September 16, the leggy Castleknock catwalker is back to her svelte and sexy self.

But the 30-year-old told the Herald that despite sporting an undeniably trim figure, she has not been starving herself to fit back into her favourite jeans.

"I haven't been putting any pressure on myself to lose the weight. I wouldn't say I'm quite back in my to my pre-baby size just yet, and I'm not back into my old jeans, but I've been very lucky.

"I'm still breastfeeding and because I've had it easy my whole life in terms of my weight, I've just been sitting on the couch eating as I breastfeed. It burns 500 calories a day but I think I've definitely been eating it all back.


"Now I want to start getting out and exercising again. I feel brilliant but I'm looking forward to getting back to myself."

Meanwhile, single mum Alison loves the new addition to her life.

"James is gorgeous and he is just starting to smile, although people keep telling me it's just wind. Everyone is mad about him and always asking to hold him."

Alison, who is the current face of Mothercare in Ireland, is also slowing returning to her career after taking time out to bond with baby James.

"I'm still taking it easy but I have done a few easy jobs since he arrived. I did a shoot for VIP, another one for Tesco and a few other things but I always bring him with me.

Alison and James have just returned to Dublin after jetting off on their first holiday to Spain.

"We went for a week and he loved it. It was lovely and warm. I'm thinking about going away again for Christmas to somewhere hot, but I'm not sure yet."