I'm innocent says dad battered by Ratt gang

BRUTAL: Brain-damaged man slashed in garden and car damaged

Cormac Byrne

A BRAIN-DAMAGED dad of four has been slashed in the face with a glass bottle by thugs linked to gang boss King Ratt.

Terrorised Clyde Kenny (36) was viciously assaulted by four men in the garden of his home on Landen Road in Ballyfermot.

A close relative of Mr Kenny's was murdered in recent years and ever since, his family have been subjected to violent intimidation tactics.

The group responsible for the attacks are a Crumlin crime gang aligned to the 'King Ratt' crime syndicate.

Mr Kenny, who has battled to walk and talk again after he sustained massive brain damage following a heart attack in 2005, was attacked after returning from socialising in Crumlin on Saturday, October 30.

His home has been attacked several times and his car ransacked. Mr Kenny has never had any involvement in crime and believes he is being targeted because of his dead relative.

"I'm an innocent victim in all this. I've had a few very, very bad days," he told the Herald.

"They smashed up my wife's car and the windows in the house twice.

"I was after being down in Crumlin but when I returned home there were four men in my garden.

"One man asked me a question to establish who I was and then he hit me across the face with a glass bottle.

"Another man was standing watch while his friend threw a brick through our living room window.

"Our car was also damaged."

Mr Kenny is adamant that his attackers knew of his health problems but attacked him anyway.

"It's been well documented that I have brain damage to my right frontal lobe and these guys would have known that," he said.

"I'm not involved with criminals and never have been.

"In October 2005, I suffered a heart attack and subsequently had brain problems. I had to learn how to walk and talk all over again.

"It has been a very difficult few years for me with my health problems and we are trying to raise four children and they are terrified."

The latest violence has dampened his spirits after 2010 started very brightly for him and his young family.

"When I started to get better I said that I would marry the mother of my children and we did get married in February," he said.

"I was looking to the future and didn't want to get dragged into all this."