I'm groomzilla...as Rita takes back seat -- Daithi

TRADITION usually dictates that it's the excited bride-to-be that does the bulk of the wedding planning -- but not in Daithi O Se's case.

The TV man has revealed how he has turned into a mini 'groomzilla' in the run-up to his big day and has been behind most of the finer details of his nuptials to Rita Talty.

The smitten couple will walk down the aisle in St Mary's Church in Dingle on July 12 with a reception in the Carlton Hotel, and presenter Daithi has been busy ensuring it all goes to plan. "I've done the majority of the planning," he told the Diary. "Rita just said to me, 'you're from Kerry, you know the area best so you should do it,' so I've organised nearly everything."

Of course, when it comes to the bride's wedding gown, that's 100pc Rita's responsibility and he explained how she will be flying over to America shortly for some more dress fittings.

Despite being jointly nominated in the Most Stylish Couple section for the VIP Style Awards, he explained how he'll be flying solo on the night as she'll be back in her New Jersey home.

And he revealed how he has organised nearly everything for his big day. "It's all going well, it's still on anyway. I think we have everything done now.

"The church, the priest, that's all sorted and the only thing we need to sort is the band and the whole civil side of things," he continued.

"We have no honeymoon booked yet, either, but we're thinking of maybe going to Italy for two weeks and going to a villa with a pool, something handy because we're straight into the Rose Of Tralee when we come back."

He also added how he's "staying positive" on the prospect of the Daily Show coming back on RTE next September, despite it having a shorter season run for its last series.