'I'm glad I kissed Fair City goodbye before gay scenes'

Laura Butler

FORMER Fair City star Ruth Gilligan has revealed she's glad somebody else has taken on her role -- as lesbian scenes are not her thing.

The actress-turned-author left the role of Laura Halpin on the long-running soap in 2004 and told the Herald that she'd find it "strange" kissing another girl for the RTE cameras.

The latest storyline on the weeknight drama has seen the return of Damien Halpin's sister Laura, after an eight-year absence from Carrigstown.

The character is now being played by Liana O'Cleirigh, who viewers will see begin dating attractive stranger Emily Mahon (Eimear Morrissey).

"I'd try not to make a big deal out of it, it would be one of those things I'd go and do for work, but it would've been really strange," said Ruth (24).

"I've had to do that awkward kiss before, but never with the same sex.

"It's good Fair City are doing it -- it'll shake things up a bit. I'll have to tune in online to see how it unfolds."

Cambridge graduate Ruth admitted she found it "funny and weird" when she discovered the character she grew up playing was back in the Montrose programme.

"It's really bizarre that someone else came back as the character and it wasn't me -- my friends find it hilarious.

"I'd no idea the character was coming back at all and some of my friend told me about it on my Facebook page.

"I've been in the UK for six years now, so I've been out of it so long - I haven't watched the show in ages."

Ruth is currently studying for her PhD in English at Exeter and is working on her new book at the same time.