I'm excited for my Paddy's Day concert in Singapore


I have about 20 gigs across the country over the next three months and then I'm off to Singapore in March.

I'm playing a concert there on St Patrick's Day, which I'm really looking forward to.

I've never been to Asia before so I can't wait for it - I'm just doing one gig and then I have a week to explore the city.

The crowds in other countries are just so different to the ones you get at home so gigging abroad is a totally different experience.

I've been to Australia a few times - I think you're a novelty down there and it's just brilliant.

Even Australians who love Irish music or like folk music come to my gigs.

Then you have all the Irish people who come because they miss Irish music or they just want to hang out with their mates for the night.

Irish people are different abroad - they let go a lot more at gigs.

I'm hoping to head to America in the summer and then go back to Australia in the winter.

I like to go to those places when it's warm.