i'm determined to pack in cigarettes this year

For 2014 I'm determined to pack in the fags. I started smoking when I was 16 years old so I've have been smoking for years.

I've tried to give them up once or twice before but haven't been very successful. In fact, this time round I'm not telling my wife Amanda (inset) I'm planning on giving them up just in case I can't do it. I don't want having to listen to her give out to me!

I started smoking when I gave up football; I used to play for St Kevin's and did a few trials for Celtic.

I love the game and still play for Lagan Harps up in Donegal. I train a few times and go for 7km runs around three times a week to stay in shape. It's good craic playing football and it's a chance to catch up with friends.

I don't get to play that much when I'm on the road so I always try and do as much as I can when I'm back home in Donegal. Between that and chasing the kids around I think I stay reasonably fit.