'I'm as happy changing nappies as as I am on rugby pitch' says Una Foden's husband Ben

Singer Una Healy of The Saturdays and her husband rugby player Ben Foden

By David Bauder

Ben Foden has revealed he is as happy changing nappies as he is on the rugby pitch - as he fronts a drive encouraging fathers to play a bigger role in raising their babies.

Foden (29) and his popstar wife Una from The Saturdays, have teamed up with the UK government to promote shared parental leave.

"In this day and age women can just as easily be the main breadwinner as men. Why should they have to give up their careers when they have children?" asked the England fullback.


The couple, who married in June 2012, have a two-year-old daughter Aoife Belle and another child on the way.

While rugby may have a reputation for attracting hard-drinking macho men, Foden revealed that many of players are happy to roll their sleeves up and be hands-on dads.

"Being rugby players we are used to sweat, spit and rolling around in the mud, so no one has a problem about getting their hands dirty changing nappies," he said.