I'll happily debate with Adams, says Creighton

EUROPE Minister Lucinda Creighton has thrown down the gauntlet to Gerry Adams after Sinn Fein accused the Taoiseach of "running scared" from a TV debate.

Minister Creighton believes she would have "great fun" with Mr Adams during a debate -- and would begin by explaining basic economics to him.

The minister has defended Enda Kenny's boycott of a proposed TV3 debate about the fiscal treaty, but says she would happily deputise for him.

Pearse Doherty of Sinn Fein last night accused the Taoiseach of "running scared from a debate with Sinn Fein".


Mr Kenny has refused to take part in a TV3 debate since remarks made by presenter Vincent Browne in which he suggested that the Taoiseach should go into a dark room with a revolver and a bottle of whiskey.

Asked if she would be willing to go head-to-head with Mr Adams in place of the Taoiseach, Minister Creighton said: "I would have great fun going head-to-head with Gerry, no problem."

Mr Doherty said: "Enda Kenny is the Taoiseach. He is the person who has signed this treaty and has an onus to stand up and debate with the leader of the No side."

-- Kevin Doyle