'I'd rather stick pins in my eyes'


"I did not intend to kill my wife. My reputation has been destroyed. I have no peace of mind and the immense burden of guilt.

"I firmly believe my daughter loves me and she is at this point my only reason for living.

"I've been punished for this and have been deprived of my liberty. I never expected to end up in prison. However the greatest punishment is the geographical distance between myself and my daughter.

"I want to return to the family home as her parent. I've always continued to have my daughter's best interests at heart."

"The defendant appears to suggest he is the real victim of this crime and not my mother or myself.

"It is a bit late and a bit rich for [him] to complain now of the effect of his crime on him.

"I visited my father in prison only once. I do not wish to have any contact from the defendant when he is released from prison.

"To put it as strongly as I can, I would rather stick pins in my own eyes than have the defendant return within six miles of Rowan Hill.

"I will have to live my life without my mother's love. Every milestone in my life will be blighted by her absence.

"[My father] has lied to me concerning the circumstances surrounding my mother's death. I wanted answers. I got none.

"The consequences of [my father's] crime in causing my mother's death have been devastating."