I'd love to host my own fashion TV show - Sonya

Alexandra Ryan

STYLE guru Sonya Lennon wants to host a new fashion show for TV - but without sidekick Brendan Courtney. The former Off The Rails presenter says she never initially wanted to be on the small screen, but has now caught the bug.

Now she is dying to get her own show.

"I did the show Craft Master last year and that was really fun. So I would absolutely love to have my own show. It's just all about finding the right project."

The star even admitted that she wouldn't turn down an offer for her own show on rival network TV3.


But even if Sonya does get her own show, it's clear that she and co-star Brendan won't be spending any less time together.

"He's in New York at the moment but he's talking to me every day asking what's going on. I've just been telling him to get off the phone and enjoy his holiday."

Meanwhile she has spoken about her latest business venture, Dress For Success. The new business sees the Sonya and a team of professionals style disadvantaged unemployed women, to help them look their best for a job interview.

"It can be really emotional. There was a woman who came in recently, and she had come out of Mountjoy prison. I'd say she hadn't had a hug in 15 years. She was crying when she got dressed, we were all crying, it was extraordinary."