I'd love to hire sexy Sean Og for celebrity show, reveals Jackie


Apprentice star Jackie Lavin has revealed how she'd love to hire hurler Sean Og O hAilpin for the show's celebrity edition.

The Diary can reveal that filming for the star-studded TV3 show will begin in March, with station chiefs hoping it will hit the small screens in the middle of April.

And while the spin-off edition of the programme, You're Fired, is definitely going to be repeated for the celebrity installment, producers have yet to confirm a replacement presenter to fill Brendan O'Connor's shoes.

Several well-known faces have been mooted as possible participants in the first Celebrity Apprentice to film in Ireland, with no-nonsense Jackie putting in her own pitch for Cork GAA legend Sean.

"I would love to see Sean Og O hAilpin do it, he's quite sexy. I'd like to see him on the show. If he did take part, we might have to have a swimsuit competition or something like that!" she laughed.

"We would like to see a few politicians taking part, like Liz O'Donnell, I think she'd be very good."

The straight-talking partner of Bill Cullen says she'd have no problem taking any of our celebrities to task either if they started exhibiting diva-style behaviour.

"We will treat them exactly the same as we treat the regular apprentices. They'll be getting no favours when they get into the boardroom -- they'll be slivered exactly the same as the normal apprentices. We wouldn't be pussyfooting around them or afraid of that kind of thing, not at all," she continued.

"We'll have no problem dealing with them and they would be playing for charity after all."

The blonde businesswoman has just jetted back from a break away with partner Bill in Orlando in the sun-kissed state of Florida.

And she revealed how the Apprentice winner, ace salesman Steve Raynor, is fitting in well so far.

"Steve has been brilliant and he's tailor-made for the role.

"He's in a bit of a tail spin at the moment as there's so much to take in and he is new to the business but he's doing great."