I was pushed around and brought to tears, Lorraine claims in Xplosive book on her TV career

CELEBRITIES: Daniel O’Donnell ‘the most aloof person I’ve ever met’

Melanie Finn

LORRAINE KEANE’s tell-all book will claim she was "shouted at, pushed around, propositioned and brought to tears" while she worked as a showbiz reporter for TV3.

In an extraordinary attack on the television station, former Xpose presenter Lorraine hit out at her treatment by station chiefs.

But despite speculation of a possible bustup with TV3 management when she quit the programme 18 months ago, Lorraine stands by claims that she left for family reasons.

“When you read the book, I think it’s obvious why I left TV3,” she said.

“Anyone who knows me knows that I wouldn’t do nasty. I’ve moved on and I think other people should too.

“Then again, I can’t believe they’re still talking about me. I’m kinda flattered, to be honest.”

In the latest edition of VIP Magazine, mum of two Lorraine said: “I left TV3 to spend time with my girls. I had thought about it for a long time. Before I became a mother, I had never envisaged working full time.


“Xpose had me working six days a week, usually four evenings a week, too. It got to the stage where I was not a happy girl. I was even cross to live with.

“Yes, I had the lovely husband and the healthy babies, but with the show everything was too demanding. I was spending too little time with my family.”

She has also broken her silence for the first time on comments by TV3 boss Ben Frow. He recently said it was “unacceptable practice” for an ex-employee to write a book about her previous role – and ruled out a return to TV3.

“I was quite surprised and disappointed actually because Ben Frow doesn’t know me,” she added.

“I was in TV3 for 11 years – he was only there for two months when I left and we never worked together.

“He also made those comments before even reading a page of my book. He had no idea of the contents. I suppose I took solace in the fact that he went on to berate most of us who made the decision to leave TV3.

“Grainne Seoige, Brendan O’Connor and Claire Byrne also received a tongue lashing. “Maybe now he has read my book he will realise he was the only one being unnecessarily nasty. It’s not my way.”

But a TV3 spokeswoman countered today: “I just want to correct two points that she’s making. Ben Frow was actually there for two years before she left, not two months.

“In terms of speaking about former employees, he gave advice to Grainne for Daybreak and he only spoke once about Brendan O’Connor which was when he was asked about him leaving TV3. He has never spoken about Claire Byrne though.”

Lorraine, married to musician Peter Devlin and mum to two girls, Emilia (7) and Romy (4), has said that being a full-time mum was the best part of her new life.

“It’s been a busy year but it’s manageable busy in terms of work. For the first time in my life I own my own day. I own my own life. I own my own name,” she added.


In a look back over all the highs and lows of her job as a celebrity reporter over the past decade, she has also revealed how she was left unimpressed with Daniel O’Donnell.

She has described him in her tome as “fake” and “the most aloof person I had ever met”. Standing by what she wrote, she said it was always going to be an “honest account” of life behind the scenes.

“I don’t want Daniel O’Donnell to be my new best friend. I’m not going to lose sleep over it and I’m sure he’s not either,” she added.

The Dublin personality also admits that she harboured a massive crush on Colin Farrell after meeting him in the flesh.

“He’s a gorgeous person – it’s almost inexplicable how handsome he is. Colin was being a gentleman and offered to calm my nerves by giving me a snog!

“He presumed the offer would break the ice and he was right, but I refused. We were in a hotel room with a crew of 10. For me, that wouldn’t be the most romantic situation.”

Lorraine will launch her book, Working The Red Carpet, next Wednesday at an invite-only bash at Robbie Fox’s new restaurant Pink on Dawson Street.

Read the full interview with Lorraine Keane in the latest issue of VIP magazine, out today