I was devastated to see Pauley killed in plunge, says Johnny

Charlie Murphy as Siobhan and Johnny Ward as Pauley

By Elaine McCahill

Johnny Ward, who plays Love/ Hate's Pauley, has said he was "absolutely devastated" when he found out that his character would meet a grisly end after just four episodes.

There were shocking scenes in last night's action-packed instalment when Siobhan pushed Pauley off the balcony of her apartment - right after he proposed to her.

"It was always in the back of my mind that I could get killed off as Pauley was treading on thin ice but I honestly thought that Tommy was going to wake up and kill me. Not Siobhan," he said.

Johnny (27) says he's sad to "no longer be a part of the biggest series ever to come out of this country" but that he has had some incredible scenes on the show.


"Robbing the motorbike and the shooting scene with Patrick was one of my favourites," he revealed.

"I have been driving bikes since the age of 16 but never have I played a character that used one, so it was great craic even though I almost crashed it twice," he added.

Last night, in one of the most violent episodes of the drama, Nidge's henchman Ado forces Packy - a Traveller with a drug debt to the gang - into carrying out another hit on Patrick.

However, the hit goes tragically wrong as Patrick goes unscathed but his son Brandon is shot in the head.

Miraculously, Brandon survives but Nidge flees with Trish and the kids knowing that his family is now fair game in his feud with the Travellers.

The Travellers then capture Packy after the botched hit and take him to a scrap yard where Patrick slits his throat.