I want to make Irish documentaries - Jack

By Fiona Dillon

Jack Reynor may have Hollywood at his feet, but he also plans to make feature films at home in Ireland.

The 22-year-old Wicklow man has a production company which he established with his mother, and revealed "he has a couple of things going on".

"I have some projects in-house that are on their first and second drafts. These are really good feature films that I'd like to make at home.

"I'm also looking at making a few documentaries, because in the current climate, people watch and learn from documentaries in the same way they used to learn from reading books in the past. It's the best way to communicate with people. And I want to write more too," the talented actor revealed.

Billion Jack, who is engaged to model Madeline Mulqueen, has become an international star thanks to the global success of Transformers: Age of Extinction, which made over a billion dollars at the box office.

"I've done six films since Transformers, so my head is spinning. It's hard to keep track of it all, but it's a great experience," he said.

Speaking about whether people treat him differently now, he said: "I find that most of my friends still see me exactly the same way as they did before any of this happened. That's great.

But Jack added he has great support from people around him.

"I've got a great mother and a wonderful fiancee who takes care of everything for me," the actor told the RTE Guide.