I still can't get back in my house -- Caprice's PR boss

Melanie Finn

CAPRICE'S Irish PR manager has been left devastated after her Georgian house flooded.

The Herald can reveal how well-known Dublin businesswoman Tara Sinnott, below, was one of the victims of this week's deluge.

Her house in Homeville Court in Knocklyon was so badly flooded, she hasn't since been able to open the door to get in.

Her tenants were forced to climb out the kitchen window as the water rushed into the house and flooded the ground level within minutes.

"I'm absolutely gutted," she said. "I'm living over in London at the moment so I've kind of been in a little bubble -- I wasn't even aware of the bad weather in Ireland.


"I got a call on Monday night from my tenants saying the whole house was flooding and they had to go out through the window."

She has been trying to estimate the damage but explained how it's impossible to even open the front door as there's so much water inside.

"There is no way of assessing how bad the damage is but you're easily talking thousands of euro," she said.

"I had original wooden floorboards in there, they'll be completely ruined. The whole downstairs will have to be repainted and redecorated.

"My tenants were amazing. They brought what furniture they could upstairs and put pots and pans under my couch to try and protect it.

"But until we get in there, we won't know how bad it is." I'm absolutely gutted."