'I should have called in sick' - sacked apprentice

Albertina Lloyd

APPRENTICE candidate Gabrielle Omar confessed "I wish I'd called in sick" after her shock eviction from the show along with project manager Stephen Brady.

Salesman Brady narrowly escaped being fired from the UK show last week by telling Alan Sugar he would definitely win the next task if he stayed.

But when their team lost by £8,000 (¤9,975) in the task of signing up special offers for a luxury website, Omar was also sent packing.

The 29-year-old architect said: "Stephen and I had a really big personality clash and we couldn't really work together.

"But on that last task we'd both had enough of arguing and we hadn't had enough sleep and all the pressure that was on his head was filtering out. It was just a bit of a nightmare. I thought 'I wish I'd called in sick!"'

Omar said she felt she had become a scapegoat in the boardroom for the rest of the candidates who saw her as a "weak link" because she was nice.

"People were thinking, 'She's too nice, we can manipulate her. She won't be able to defend herself."'

She insisted she would not change from being a nice person, but had learned to be more wary of other people in business.

"I think it was only quite near the end where I was like, 'Bloody hell! Am I the only one without a game plan or strategy here?!'

"I wish I'd gone in there with a semi-game plan. It would have helped me out a bit."

Meanwhile, Brady admitted he expected Sugar's "dreaded finger to be pointed in my direction" as soon as he lost the task, and he would have done anything to escape it.

He revealed: "The guys actually had a nickname for me as Inspector Gadget and if I could hit an Inspector Gadget ejector seat I would have done it."