I prefer vintage-style clothes, but when I put on killer heels I feel like Siobhan - Charlie

Talent: Charlie Murphy portrays Siobhain in Love/Hate. Photo: Tony Gavin

She may play a gangster's moll and now a killer in Love/Hate, but glamorous actress Charlie Murphy loves her vintage clothes.

She's known for wearing classic looks on the red carpet.

"I don't have a stylist, it's just me. They're just random clothes, sometimes it's a miss and sometimes it works," she told the Diary.

"I love kind of old-fashioned clothes. I love Om Diva. I got the dress for the Irish premiere of '71 down in the basement and I wore another one of their dresses to the opening of Our Few and Evil Days at the Abbey Theatre.

"It's nice to dress up in something old and other worldly - it's fun," she added.

Her classic style is a far cry from the mini-skirt she had to wear while filming the Troubles drama.

"Because the story takes place over a couple of hours, we were going to be stuck with that one outfit.


"So even if we loved it, we were going to hate it by the end of the shoot. It was fine, but I was freezing in that bloody mini-skirt!" she said.

The Wexford native also had to wear some period-style ensembles for her role playing Martha in the BBC drama The Village and she said the outfits can "really help you get into character".

"That was certainly the case with The Village. When you put on those corsets, you're instantly in character, because you can't breathe.

"In the case of Love/Hate, I would never wear three-inch heels, so the minute I put them on, I feel like Siobhan," she added.

Charlie filmed '71 with fellow Love/Hate actor Killian Scott and also appeared in Our Few and Evil Days with Tom Vaughan Lawlor and Ian Lloyd Anderson and admits it's wonderful to work with her friends.

"It's good fun, plus it's fun to jump into different worlds with those people as well," she said.

"Killian played my pimp before in something before Love/Hate so we've clocked up a few random characters now so it is good fun," she laughed.

"And doing the play was great, Ian Lloyd Anderson who plays Dean was in it as well and it was a fantastic experience."

Our Few and Evil Days finished up this weekend and Charlie says she's eager to get back to London.

"We've a nice network of friends over there, and obviously my boyfriend is there so I'm looking forward to heading back," she said.