"I loved 'Morning Ireland' but it's not permanent"

Claire's early stint was just a one-off

Melanie Finn

RTE's Claire Byrne thoroughly enjoyed her stint on 'Morning Ireland', but doubts the move will be a permanent one.

The broadcaster received waves of support after she filled in for Aine Lawlor, who has been battling cancer.

The early morning show has been fronted by regular presenters Cathal Mac Coille, Rachael English and Gavin Jennings, but last week saw Claire join the team as she provided cover.

"I did fill in for 'Morning Ireland' last week and it was great," said Claire.

It was a bit of a shock getting up at 4am again because I did it for four years with Newstalk, but it was great."


Asked if it could lead to a long-term role on the show, she added: "I enjoyed it very much but no, it was just holiday cover for the week."

But she's going to be a busy bee over the coming months, with no shortage of projects lined up for her by RTE, including filling in Marian Finucane again over the summer.

"I will be filling in for Marian again at some stage and I've lots of things on over the summer -- it's going to be a busy period," she continued.

Next week will see Claire join forces with Morning Ireland veteran Aine Lawlor at the Bloom Festival.

"Hopefully the weather will stay like this. Aine's going to be checking out the gardens for us and it's great that she's back and in good form," she said.

"Elle McSweeney's going to be doing the food side of the festival. We film it on Thursday and it goes out on Friday."

As well as doing the Late Debate, she's also making a programme in the Silicon Valley as part of the Young Entrepreneur of the Year competition.

And she'll also be going down to Kerry to see her co-host Daithi O Se wed Rita Talty.

"I got the invitation this morning and I'm really looking forward to it, they've put so much work into it.

"It's going to be a great party. It's on Friday, July 12, so hopefully I'll go down earlier in the week and get a few days out of it," she said.

Asked about what was happening with the Daily Show, she added: "I'm just busy for the next couple of months and we'll see what's going to happen down the line. I have no idea."

She took time out from her schedule this week to help launch the Spay Ireland campaign at the Dogs Trust Rehoming Centre in Finglas, urging pet owners to have their dogs neutered.