'I like a beer before I hit the stage to sing, it takes the edge off'

Dublin brother folk-duo Harry and Alfie (aka Hudson Taylor) release their yet-to-be titled debut album later this year. Guitarist and vocalist Harry (21) talks busking, ponchos and booze…

You were one of the first bands to play at Longitude 2013. What do you remember most about that gig?

"Oh yeah, it was absolutely beautiful, it was such a lovely day.

"It happened to land on my birthday, so it was pretty special."

How do you make it work as a new band playing at a festival?

"We did a lot of busking back in the day, and that's all about winning over people who don't know who you are, so I suppose playing festivals is a very natural thing for myself 
and Alfie. "

What's in your festival survival pack?

"I always go to Urban Outfitters or somewhere like that, and buy a really cheap poncho because I don't like carrying big heavy rain jackets, so I just carry a poncho in my back pocket."

Is it okay to have a beer or two before your festival set?

"I think it's a great idea, I always have one, 
anyway. Vocal coaches always say it's a 
terrible idea, but just one.

"I find it takes the edge off any nerves you might have. It's never done me any harm."

Hudson Taylor play Longitude on Friday July 18