I have no time for social life -- Sinead

RTE Two's Sinead Kennedy has revealed her struggle between college and TV presenting.

The Two Tube and Rumour Room host told the Diary that she is still continuing to study for a Psychology degree but her social life has had to take a back seat as all she does is study and work.

"I'm in my fourth year studying psychology, I just wish it was over now. It's really hard to juggle my career and college at the same time, especially this year, because I'm on two shows instead of the one show," she explained.

"I've no life and I want to just hurry up and finish college but I really can't complain, I love my job. It's hard and you have to ditch something, and I think I choose not to have a life."

Sinead (27) isn't the only celeb presenter out there struggling to complete a degree while working at the same time.

The Cork native revealed that Bulletin TV star Daniella Moyles is going through the exact same problems, as she has had to defer her final year of college.

"Daniella Moyles is quite similar, she's a presenter too and she is doing a psychology degree in NUIG and she's a hard-working girl.

"We actually interviewed her on the Rumour Room and when we were off air we chatted and she admitted it was tough juggling the two," she said.

Like Daniella, Sinead was forced to defer college when she landed her dream job as a TV host.

But despite the struggle to find a balance in life, Sinead said she is glad she is continuing to finish her degree.

"I think it's smarter to have a back-up plan, just in case, because you never know what's going to happen. But TV was always a passion for me, it's something I always wanted to," she said.