I have a fab work/life balance

Cathy Belton

We film four episodes over eight days and it can be hard to learn all my lines at times.

Sometimes it can be really difficult, especially when you've got a big story and there are a lot of lines but you just have to get on with it.

It's quite nice that the cast are working close to each other and I can go and find Paul (Roe) or Cathy (Belton - inset) and we'll go over lines.

I have two children, Harvey (2) and Sidney (10 months) and so far going back to work has been great.

I'm very lucky, I have a supportive partner and a really strong network of family who help out.

The show is pretty lenient - three days is a busy week for me - that would be where my character has a big story line. Two of my days are long days.

I feel quite blessed as a working mother.

It's very doable and I get to spend the majority of time at home with my family which is what makes me happy, I've got the best of both worlds.

Some weeks are harder than others but that's part of it.

I just feel very lucky and I'm loving being a part of Red Rock.