'I had nothing to do with bomb attack on home', says gangster 'Red Balls'

The scene of the blast

Ken Foy

A convicted drug dealer has denied that he had anything to do with a bomb attack on a family home and has revealed his life is under threat.

Yesterday, the Herald revealed that junior associates of a crime figure known as 'Red Balls' were suspected of the shocking incident in which a bomb exploded near the front door of a house in Clonshaugh, north Dublin, late on Sunday night.

However, 'Red Balls' (35) told the Herald yesterday that neither he nor anyone he knows was involved in the incident and he also revealed that his life is under threat.

"That bomb attack has nothing to do with me or any of my friends - I am no gangland boss.

"I am under more threat than I was already under before because of this and I had nothing to do with that on Sunday night," he said.

'Red Balls' revealed that he survived an assassination attempt in the Baldoyle area over the summer when a gunman targeted him.

"I was shot at twice a couple of months ago near the back of the park in Baldoyle. I was not hit. I didn't report it to the gardai because I don't do that.

"By being linked to this attack, you are putting me under more threat. My phone has not stopped ringing since that was put into the paper. It is not true.

"I have been out of prison around two years now and I have been trying to keep my head down. I was not involved in any bomb attack," he claimed.

A pipe bomb exploded outside a house in Clonshaugh on Sunday night in what gardai believe was a targeted attack.

The improvised device was placed in a flower pot near the front door of the house on Newbury Park and exploded at 10pm.

It is understood that an innocent woman in her 50s was in the house when the incident happened.

Gardai were alerted immediately and they in turn notified the army bomb disposal unit which arrived at 11.40pm to carry out a post-blast analysis on the remains of the device.

They declared the scene safe at 12.50am. A double-glazed panel in the front door of the house was shattered when the device exploded.


While 'Red Balls' has declared that he is not involved in gangland crime, a close, younger associate of his who is now based between Liverpool and Dublin, is considered one of north Dublin's biggest drug dealers.

'Red Balls' was jailed for eight years in December 2008 after he and three other men were caught with cocaine and heroin valued at €1.4m in the Raheny area of the capital.

After being busted, he admitted he had been paid €400 to pick up the massive drugs haul in March, 2006.