I don't know how Miriam copes with eight, says mum-to-be Lucy

Laura Butler

PRESENTER Lucy Kennedy has applauded colleague Miriam O'Callaghan for managing eight kids and a top TV career.

The pregnant RTE host revealed her high regard for the Prime Time anchor, who holds a high-powered position at the Montrose station as well as being a full- time mum.

"I once said I'd give Miriam a run for her money in the baby department, but not now," Lucy, who is due to give birth to her second child in April, told the Herald. "I would definitely think about having one more child, we'll see how we get on, but eight? No thank-you.


"Being a mum and having to juggle work and motherhood is tough, it's very hard to balance the career, but it is definitely the best thing you ever do. I really admire Miriam with eight kids doing both so well," said the mum-of-one.

The 34-year-old admits that being an organised person has really helped her cope with her 2fm programme, which she co-hosts with Baz Ashmawy, and spending quality time with her two-year-old boy Jack. "I'm a very organised person and that helps. You grow another set of hands when you become a mum to be honest," she said.


The anchor also admitted she's lucky to be able to arrange her programme schedule around family life.

"Jack's in a creche when I work, so I have built my hours around him thank goodness -- we have our afternoons together, which is fantastic.

The Sandycove native, who is married to Richard Governey, announced the news of her second baby in June and has told of her really bad morning sickness.

"The good thing about radio is that I'd sound fine and chirpy on-air, but on ad breaks I was trying to keep it together. Thank goodness that's passed now though, and I feel great."