I can’t bear to lose another son, says killer Egan’s mum

Conor Feehan

KILLER may be targeted by IRA vengeance squad on release.

The mother of a man jailed for killing dad-of-two Wayne Doherty fears republicans will shoot him dead the minute he walks from prison.

Robert Egan (27) was serving the first day of a nine-year manslaughter sentence today.

But his mother, Carmen, says she hopes that she will be dead before his release – so she won’t have to deal with more heartache.

Ms Egan, whose son Jason was murdered in October 2009, said she has “nothing but sympathy” for Wayne Doherty’s widow, but is living in fear for her own family.

“Please God I’ll be in Glasnevin before Robert gets out, because I couldn’t take losing another son,” she told the Herald.

Egan went on the run after he shot innocent Doherty dead following a row at a Christening party on July 4, 2009, but his own innocent brother, Jason, was gunned down by suspected IRA sympathisers in revenge just months later.

Robert’s mother has now revealed to the Herald how her home and family have faced fire-bomb attacks and threats.

Carmen Egan is pleading with her tormentors to leave her alone, saying her life has been hell since the attacks started in 2009.

“What happened with Wayne Doherty was a moment of madness, but the killing of my son was premeditated,” Carmen said.”I put my hands up. I surrender. You have won,” she said in a message to those who insist on intimidating her.

“I have nothing but sympathy for Wayne Doherty’s family. I feel for them. I know he was an innocent man, but so was my Jason. They have got justice for their child, but I wonder when I’ll get justice for mine,” said Carmen.

During sentencing yesterday Judge Patrick McCarthy said “who knows the evil people in the background who may seek to confront him (Robert) again (when he leaves prison)”.

Carmen said: “This all started over a row between one of Robert’s friends and one of Wayne Doherty’s. Now two innocent men are dead.”


Egan, of Dromheath Avenue, Mulhuddart, pleaded not guilty to the murder of Doherty at Oakview Way, Hartstown, but pleaded guilty to manslaughter. He was sentenced to 12 years with three suspended.

She said Robert was involved in a dispute with a group of republican sympathisers out to exact revenge over the killing of Wayne Doherty.

“My other two sons are in hiding, in fear of their lives, they can’t come home,” she said.

“On the night of a fundraiser for Jason there was a car and a van firebombed outside the house.”

At the Central Criminal Court yesterday Judge Patrick McCarthy said he assumed it was a “splinter group” of the IRA which had shot dead Jason Egan in revenge for Wayne Doherty's death.

The court also heard that Wayne Doherty had been given a paramilitary-style funeral.

Ms Egan said: “The Dohertys lost a husband, a son, and a father, and I know what that’s like. I do hope they get some closure now, but I still don’t have closure,” she added.

“I would like us all to try and get on with life. I’ve suffered too and I want it to stop, for all sides.”

Speaking about the sentencing hearing that has put her son behind bars, Carmen said: “Judge McCarthy was a gentleman, and he had great understanding for the Doherty’s loss, and so do I. I think he was very fair.”

In evidence Egan said he accidentally shot Wayne Doherty, who tried to wrestle a loaded sawn-off shotgun off him on the night of July 4, 2009 at Oakview Way. Egan said he had brought the gun with him with the intention of shooting Mr Doherty's friend in the legs following a row at a Christening party in Clonee earlier that day.