I blame Miley for everything really


Miley Cyrus

thumbnail: Madonna
thumbnail: Miley Cyrus

Madonna has got her septum pierced. Yep, her septum. That middle bit of her nose. Like a bullock. She even posted a pic on Instagram (inset). Commentators have leapt on this as further evidence that she is failing to act her age. This misses the point.

Madonna has made a career of acting inappropriately. Of shocking and titillating. There was no chance she'd suddenly decide to change who she is. Nor should she.

The problem is her judgement seems off. In the old days, she had a unique capacity to offend, stun and then withdraw, so we got time for the recall of the last stunt to fade before she pulled the next. Now, her pacing is off - she's feeding media constantly, as if she hasn't adjusted to the digital era. I blame the influence of Miley Cyrus (left)...for everything.