Hurricane Igor gathers pace

Hurricane Igor rapidly strengthened to a Category 4 storm in the open Atlantic.

It does not immediately threaten land, but is expected to get stronger as it moves west.

Meanwhile, a tropical depression off the coast of Africa prompted officials to issue a tropical storm warning for parts of the Cape Verde Islands.

Drug dilemma on ailing whale

an attempt to kill a beached whale using lethal drugs was unsuccessful, authorities in Brazil said.

Scientists were trying to end the whale's suffering because it is too weak to survive back at sea.

Biologist Karina Groch told the Terra website that veterinarians were considering whether to try different drugs.

The 40-ton, 50ft animal became stranded last Tuesday at the Praia do Sol beach.

Biologists and volunteers were splashing water on the whale to try to make it more comfortable.

Ex president in heart op

Former Argentinian President Nestor Kirchner left hospital after undergoing angioplasty on a coronary artery.

Mr Kirchner told reporters as he left the Buenos Aires clinic accompanied by his wife and Argentina's current president, Cristina Fernandez: "I'm perfect."

Mr Kirchner has a history of heart disease and felt numbness in his legs during a routine check-up on Saturday. Doctors advised an immediate angioplasty.

A stent was installed in an obstructed coronary artery during the operation.

Presidential medic Dr Luis Buonomo and the Los Arcos Clinic's Dr Marcelo Ballesteros said in a joint statement: "There should not be any complications."

Oprah in step with Travolta

Oprah Winfrey is not just walking on-stage for the first show of her final season, she is dancing -- with John Travolta.

The 25th and final season of The Oprah Winfrey Show starts airing today.

In recently released video of the first episode, the TV talk show host and the actor dance hand-in-hand through her stage doors to Love Train by the O'Jays.