Hurler jailed after attacking girlfriend while on steroids

By Ralph Riegel

A HURLER who "pulverised" his girlfriend while high on a cocktail of body-building steroids and alcohol has been jailed for three years.

Shane Green (22) "exploded" in fury after becoming separated from his girlfriend, Amy Deedy (24), while out socialising in Cork city and the duo were forced to travel home separately by taxi.

Green, who played underage hurling for Cork, was told by Judge Sean O'Donnabhain that his behaviour represented "a heinous crime".

Having arrived back at his Kilcully home on January 24 last, Green angrily confronted Ms Deedy in a back room and falsely imprisoned her.


He grabbed her by the neck, repeatedly punched her, knocked her to the ground and prevented her from fleeing the house in terror.

He placed his hands around her neck and the young woman admitted she thought she was going to be choked. His blows were so violent that the young woman was left with a mixture of blood and tears flowing from one eye.

"I would never have thought at 24 I would have been almost strangled to death," she said.

"I was left with a fractured cheekbone. The bruising on my face was so horrific I couldn't even make simple trips to the shops.

"It was hard on my family, especially my dad and brother, to see me beaten to a pulp and feel so helpless. I have gone to friends' houses but if there are a few people there that I don't know I find myself getting worried and leaving the house.

"This attack has really opened my eyes to how dangerous people in this world really are."

During her ordeal, a middle-aged woman present in the house tried to protect Ms Deedy.

However, Green struck the older woman repeatedly and knocked her to the ground.

When Ms Deedy jumped out a window to try and escape, he ran after her and dragged her back into the house.

Defence counsel, Ray Boland BL, said Green had anger management issues.

Green pleaded guilty to charges of assault causing harm and false imprisonment against the two women.


The hurler told the court he is deeply remorseful.

"I would like to apologise to Amy Deedy... for what I have done. It was horrendous what I did. I was not in a right frame of mind at the time," he said.

However, Judge O'Donnabhain ruled in Cork Circuit Criminal Court that Green had left the two women absolutely terrified.

"The violence used was particularly frightening. This young man used steroids to help his body-building and then on top of that he proceeded to consume copious amounts of alcohol to fuel the fire," he said.

"He all but pulverised his girlfriend. He just let violence explode from him that night."