Hunt for gang after car arson attacks

Conor Feehan, Ken Foy and Niall O'Connor

GARDAI are probing whether the same gang was responsible for a spate of arson attacks on cars in the Crumlin area of Dublin last night.

Four cars were destroyed and the incidents all happened within the space of less than an hour between 10.50pm and 11.30pm on Dolphin Road, Benmadigan Road, Slane Road and Lismore Road.

This morning, scorch marks and burned rubber from tyres could be seen on roadways and in driveways.

In the incident at Lismore Road, two cars in a driveway were set alight while the suspects were seen driving away in a dark-coloured car.

A woman who answered the door at the Lismore Road scene confirmed that a car belonging to the family was set on fire, but claimed it must have been a case of mistaken identity.


"They got the wrong house whoever it was, but they got themselves as well because one of them was seen on fire in a car driving up the road after this," said the woman.

Another car was set alight on Slane Road at 11.20pm, while just five minutes later a car was burnt at Benmadigan Road.

At the Slane Road fire, a neighbour said gardai believe the attack on the car was mistaken identity.

"The owner of the car is in shock. He's a working man and not in any trouble, said the resident."The gardai told him that his car was the same model that somebody else who used to live locally drives."

It is understood that €10,000 worth of damage was caused to this car and a thug was seen pouring petrol over the vehicle.

A senior source explained: "The main line of enquiry at this stage is that these attacks were carried out by the same gang. All these incidents happened within a very close distance to each other.

"In most of these incidents, the householders are completely unknown to gardai. It is a very worrying development and the key to solving these crimes is in the Crumlin area"

People Before Profit TD for Dublin South Central Joan Collins told the Herald: "The fact of the matter is although this was an isolated incident, it puts families on edge.

"I think the main issue here is concern about the closure of garda stations.

"Nearby Sundrive Garda Station has had its hours cut. This spate of arson attacks happened late and night and that is the time gardai are often most needed."