Hunt for a garda hero is close to Grainne's heart

RTE's People of the Year Awards will hold special significance for presenter Grainne Seoige, given that it will feature a special award celebrating the work of one outstanding garda.

The RTE star is due to take to the stage at the Citywest Hotel for the fourth year in a row on September 11 to present the glitzy ceremony.

The glamorous Galwegian told the Diary how her own father, Michael, is a retired garda in Spiddal and admits she was delighted to learn that a member of the nation's police force will be honoured on the night.

She went on to commend them for working so hard and taking so many risks.

"We have a special award every year. Last year we had nurse of the year and this year it's mum of the year.

"We also have garda of the year, which is one close to my own heart because my father is a retired guard. I'm looking forward to that award because it's a tough job and it deserves special recognition.

"Obviously our inspirational mum of the year will be the big one though," she added.

Grainne, who is mum to teenager Connall, was reluctant to discuss her own role as a mother when she turned on the style in a fitted red dress to announce details of this year's awards.

"I don't talk about it but he's great," she said.

The All Ireland Talent Show host was more interested in urging members of the public to get online and vote for their chosen People of the Year nominees.

"Every year the most amazing stories that otherwise we would never have known about come out."