How to get a bikini body

are you a nigella or a posh? Knowing your body type will help you lose pounds and tone up, says pat henry

Pat Henry

With summer approaching it is time to get ready for the beach. This is the time of the year when most people panic. Will the bikini fit? Is my waist too big? Do I have cellulite?

If you tone up, lose some unwanted fat and increase your energy you will feel more confident when you hit the beach.

Firstly, decide what your body type is, for example Kate Winslet would be an example of a mesomorph, Victoria Beckham could be classed as an ectomorph and Nigella Lawson could be an endomorph.

You must take the different body types into account. If you are, for example, the mesomorph type, strong, heavy-boned, wide hips, heavy-set legs, etc you will never end up looking like Kate Moss but you can make great improvement.

This goes for everybody but basically your shape is determined by genetics and your frame type. Some typical frame types are as follows:

Ectomorph: This is a typical tomboy look -- lean features, broad shoulders, small waist and normally small joints.

Mesomorph: This would be the pear-shape figure -- soft muscle tone, tends to hold on to the fat in the lower region in the hips and thighs but has potential to be much more toned.

Endomorph: This would be the rounder shape which is overweight, large breasted, large tummy, arms and a very soft look to the body.

These are just a few characteristics of the different types but we can still make great improvement once you change your diet.

Exercise three times a week, supplement it with brisk walking, swimming or weight training or any sport that enhances your figure and improves your energy and your self-esteem.

This is just a brief look at the major muscle groups that have many more functions, but I think we should keep it as simple as possible. Certain body types are more prone to gaining muscle, especially with high-protein diets and heavy weight training. Particularly mesomorph-type frames.

The trend at the moment with trainers is to go for a masculine look in women -- getting that terrible hard look just like drag queens. Losing all the tone and symmetry and getting those really hard features.

Unfortunately it doesn't stop at the figure; when girls become like boys the body gets confused and starts producing more male hormones, resulting in increased body hair, deeper voices and the monthly cycle may stop.

Body fat decreases when body fat drops too low for females. I believe all femininity goes out the window. Just look at some of our so-called celebrities. Their heads look so big for their bodies. You may fit into those size 6 jeans but at what cost?

Women should get firm and toned without losing those curves and femininity.