How Katy Perry went from Hollywood siren to plastic pop princess in one night

Dee O'Keeffe

Just who is the real Katy Perry? Is she the hardest working woman in pop who regularly wows fans with her candy-esque stage outfits, looking like an extraordinary Willy Wonka confection?

Or is she the sultry and sophisticated 50s siren who showed up at last night's premiere of Katy Perry: Part Of Me at Grauman's Chinese Theatre?

She may still be 27 years old but Perry is no factory line starlet. The feisty singer is in the driving seat when it comes to her public image and has described her style as "a bit of a concoction of different things".

The term 'fashion forward' is far too tame to describe Katy's taste and she seems as intent on pushing aesthetic boundaries as she does her musical style -- let's not forget that Perry's first album was gospel.

And even when Katy opts for red carpet glam, her unconventional streak is hard to miss as her hair colour changes as frequently as the Irish weather.

And just when you thought you were keeping up, she pops up on the front of the Herald with no make-up, looking like a sweet 16-year-old.

Where her obsession with fruit-shaped accessories comes from is anyone's guess but she is open to the quest on all fronts -- which is why we've come to expect the unexpected from Katy Perry.